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For unto us a Child is born...the government shall be upon His shoulder - Isaiah 9:6
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Men's Fellowship


To the Glory of our lord. St. Margaret’s men’s fellowship has been promoting spiritual enthusiasm and encouraging it’s members to play an active part in the ministry of the church for many years now.

The above undertaking certainly provides the foundation for a very strong Christian fellowship among it’s members. If someone takes a looks at the history of St.Margaret’s men’s fellowship, we can specifically identify their strong commitments in the followings:

Conduct Service: Actively involved in taking part of the service every first Sunday of the month by reading the scriptures, conducting singing of choruses and assisting with Holy Communion.

 Mother’s day celebration: Organizing the annual mother’s day fellowship dinner .

 Father’s Day celebration: We organise special service with full entertainment .

 Fund raising: To strengthen the congregation’s finances, from time to time the men’s fellowship engaged in successful fund raising activities with raffle tickets and made significant achievements.

 Outreach: To encourage Christian fellowship with other congregations in Toronto we organized cricket matches

These are some of the main activities noteworthy to mention and certainly there are more rooms for improvement and we all looking forward in the years to come.





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