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what we do

Jesus helps us start a new peaceful life

what we do

Jesus helps us start a new peaceful life

The Rev. Milton Solomon
  • Be a vibrant and compassionate community of believers.
  • Recognize the importance of community development, and outreach.
  • Deepen our spiritual connection and nurture personal relationship with our Creator, through worship, prayer, and the study of God’s Word.
  • Be Reflectors of the love and grace of Jesus Christ and inspire others to grow in the transformative work of God’s Kingdom.
  • Live out our faith, creating space where individuals feel valued, heard, and supported.
  • Strive to build meaningful relationships, foster sense of belonging, and extend hospitality to all who join us.
  • Aim to equip and empower individuals to maximize their potential and become leaders in their respective spheres through educational programs, workshops, and mentorship opportunities
  • Continue to build up a faith-based community as a hub for learning, mentorship, and support, where members are provided opportunities to flourish spiritually, intellectually, and emotionally.
  • Actively engage with broader community, address social issues, with respect to the marginalized and disadvantaged.
  • Together, embrace our past, celebrate our present, and move forward to a future filled with purpose, unity, and spiritual abundance.

Easter Bajanai

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